How AskFuse can help you

AskFuse has helped many policy and practice partners with their enquiries. Here are a few examples of the range of activities we can facilitate. If you have a public health enquiry which doesn’t fit with the activities below, we would still be happy to hear from you.
You can contact us here.

What is the evidence base for ................. ?

Reviewing and summarising existing research to answer your questions

‌What is our own evidence telling us?

Analysing and interpreting your data

How can we develop joint research agendas to meet practice needs?

How can AskFuse and our organisation co-facilitate a learning event?

Did the new intervention that we developed work?

Undertaking rapid evaluation of services and projects

How can we measure and keep track of a new programme we are developing?

Undertaking full evaluations of effectiveness and developing larger scale projects with external funding